Will your Memory Foam Bed be too Hot?

Memory foam has a reputation for making people too hot when they sleep but here at Memory Foam Mattress Direct we’d like to lay that preconception aside.

It’s true that foam in general is an insulator and back when memory foam mattresses were still fairly new, the older memory foam acted to keep the heat close to your body and possibly made people too hot. Things have moved on however and now your memory foam mattress can help you stay just the right temperature at night.

Cheap memory foam that is poor quality might still make you hot whilst sleeping, not allowing heat to escape from the foam. But here at Memory Foam mattress direct we use only the highest quality memory foam. Our mattresses have open cells which allow air to flow, conducting heat away from your body and keeping your temperature even.

Memory foam relies on your body heat to do its job so inevitably it needs to be sensitive to temperature. You warm the part of the foam you lie on which softens it and this is why the great memory foam support happens with the lower layers staying cool and firm. The high density memory foam we use for all our mattresses can maintain this vital support whilst allowing excess heat to move away from your body.

Surveys on people’s sleeping temperature seem to suggest that those who get hot at night or people who are always cold in bed will be so regardless of the surface they are sleeping on. It is much more dependent on the thermostat and the type of bed coverings they use.

If you are just a warm sleeper we’ve got you covered - here at Memory Foam Mattress Direct all our mattresses come with a free Coolmax cover to make sure you get perfect heat flow all night long.

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