Memory Foam Mattress Stains – A Removal Guide

Whether it’s a spilt breakfast in bed, or an over-passionate sexual encounter, memory foam stains, like all stubborn mattress stains, can sometimes be tricky to get out if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, Memory Foam Mattress Direct has put together a short guide to have your mattress looking like new in no time.

Before you attempt to tackle your memory foam stain, it may be a good idea to look at the mattress manufacturer’s warranty, as it may cover memory foam mattress stain removal if it has not expired. It’s also worth seeing if you can simply rub the stain off. Many of our memory foam mattresses have washable covers and are made from very durable materials, so you may find that it will wipe off without any effort at all.

As with all stains, how long the memory foam has been exposed to a certain substance can have a dramatic impact on how easy the stain is to remove. The best piece of advice we can give on how to remove memory foam mattress stains is – “timing is crucial”! Attend to the stain as soon as you become aware of it.

Common sense should also prevail. If you are having a meal in bed, make sure you use a tray. If you are planning to have sex on your memory foam mattress, why not use a removal plastic sheet or towel to catch any rogue fluids.

If all else fails and you do find yourself accidently soiling your memory foam mattress, we’ve put together a quick method to help lift those stubborn memory foam stains. But be warned, results may vary!

Memory Foam Stain Remover

You will need:
A sponge
A bowl
Some warm water
An egg beater or whisk
Powdered detergent (mild/without bleach is preferable)


- Add warm water to the bowl, then shake in a small amount of detergent and beat with your whisk until frothy.

- Skim the foam off the top of the mixture, place on top of the stain and then blot gently with your sponge (make sure your sponge is slightly wet first).

- To prevent soaking the memory foam, make sure your sponge has been rung out first.

- Repeat this process a few times. You may have to wait for the stain to dry and then repeat, as it can be difficult to tell if you’ve gotten rid of it all once the area becomes wet.

If this method still won’t shift your memory foam stain, then you should consider calling in cleaning professionals to assess the situation. If your memory foam mattress has seen better days, it may be time to invest in a bargain bed from Memory Foam Mattress Direct. We only supply high quality, UK manufactured foam – so you get the best deal on cheap memory foam products.

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