“New” Odour of a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are highly appreciated for their health benefits. Although more expensive than a traditional mattress, a memory foam mattress is still the preferred choice for numerous customers. There is still one thing that seems to bother users and make them wonder about possible health hazards: the odor of all new memory foam mattresses, whether it is a cheap memory foam mattress or the best memory foam mattress.

New Odour Explained
When you a buy memory foam mattress you must put up with a certain chemical smell. The moment you unseal the mattress, a very bad odor comes out and it doesn’t seem to go away. It is an odor that reminds you of chemicals and it makes you wonder about its origins, but also about its possible effects. The reality is that people forget what memory foam is made of. Memory foam is polyurethane enriched with various chemicals. Polyurethane is nothing but organic substances glued together by urethane links.

What makes memory foam special is the production process. However, it is still made of basically the same raw material as electrical potting compounds or carpet underlay, or skateboard wheels. The smell comes from the additional chemicals used in the manufacturing process that are released in the form of gas. The process happens simply because after production memory foam mattresses are sealed and the gases aren’t released and dispersed in the air. Off gassing, as the process is known, will last a while after you have unsealed the mattress. In time, it will go away.

When Does The “Odour” Go Away?
Not all people have the same sensitivity to smell. Some people feel the new odor as very powerful and they need a few days before they can actually sleep on their new memory foam mattress. Other people are not as sensitive and they have no problem sleeping on their mattress right after they’ve unpacked it.

The persistence and “strength” of the smell depends on the manufacturer. There is premium memory foam that does not have the new odor because the producer has already taken care of the smell and allowed off gassing while the mattress was in their factory. That means that such a mattress will cost more.

Another issue related to the new odor is whether or not the off gassing can harm your health. That again depends on the producer and on the chemicals used in the production process. This is one of the factors that distinguish one memory foam mattress manufacturer from another.